Tadoba Andhari National Park Tiger Safari

TADOBA....Jewel of Vidharbha

Notably Maharashtra's oldest and largest National Park, the "Tadoba National Park", also known as the "Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve" is one of India's 47 project tiger reserves existing in India. It lies in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra state. the Tadoba National Park, created in the year 1955. The Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary was formed in the year 1986. The word 'Tadoba' is derived from the name of God "Tadoba" or "Taru," which is praised by local tribal people of this region and "Andhari" is derived from the name of Andhari river that flows in this area.

The total area under the Project Tiger is 1727.6 sq.km with core area being 625. 82 sq.km and the rest 1101.78 sq.km constitute the buffer zone. The core area concept denotes critical tiger habitat which is subject to intense conservation measures with human intervention being minimal.

According to the 2010 National Census on Tigers, there are about 43 tigers in the reserve, which is one of the highest in India. Here are some highlights of the park…

Tadoba Tiger Safari

Telia Tigress- A mature tigress and an excellent mother Telia Tigress is the pride of Tadoba. She frequents the Telia Dam hence the name. Her territory encompasses about 20 sq km which is quite large. She has sired one litter of three cubs and tends four cubs which comprise of all females. The cubs have grown up and in the process of separating from the mother. The Telia Tigress is said to have mated again with the Bagdo Male and should give birth to another litter. The gestation period of tigress is three months or ninety days.

Bagdo Male- A huge male perhaps the largest at Tadoba is named after the Bagdo Area which it patrols regularly. The territory of this magnificent male is 60 sq.km and contains three females and some sub adult males. Males like these are the key to survival of tigers in India. In prime breeding state they can sire many litters of cubs from the females in their territories. They protect and guard their progeny and hence contribute to increase in tiger population.

Pandra Pauni Tigress- A tragic incidence of gangrene formation took away the life of this beautiful female. The female frequented Paundrapauni area and sired four cubs which are grow up. At the time of her death the tigress was carrying four unborn cubs.

Shivaji Tiger- The size of this male tiger defies imagination. It frequents the Kolsa Range and patrols around fifty square km. Though tigers change their territory often big males like Shivaji manage to hold the prime habitats throughout their youth. The best genes are passed by prime males which mate with equally well built females resulting in a stable breed. At the present count there are twenty males including sub adults, about twenty five females and many cubs. The total head count of tigers in Tadoba is around seventy five plus. The tigers face threat from poachers and incidence of poisoning. In spite of all the threats tigers in Tadoba survive and their number is increasing.

NOTE: Actual Itinerary may change at the time of tour depending upon the circumstances.

Stay : As per requirement stay would be in Dormitary or Resort.
Transport : Transport from Nagpur To Nagpur by private vehicle.
Commander Jeep & Guide will be provided for Safari
A Jeep can accomodated 6 passenger.

NOTE: We can customise the tour as per your requirements. This tour includes Train/Air travel as well as stay booking at site.... for that purpose plan your tour well in advance 4 months.

Tadoba National Park Birds


Crocodile in lake at tadoba


Tadoba National Park Deers


Forest of tadoba


Forest of tadoba


Sunset at lake in tadoba


Tadoba National Park Peacock


Jeep Safari at tadoba

Jeep Safari

Tadoba National Park Tent Stay

Forest Tent

Tiger at tadoba


Tadoba National Park Tiger


White Tiger

White Tiger

Tadoba National Park Tiger Footprint

Tiger Footprint

bison at tadoba


Tadoba National Park Wild life

Wild life

Wild Life at tadoba

Wild Life

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